January 2022

Overwhelming response from customers as Celeros Flow Technology hits the exhibition trail

September 2021

Reduce downtime and improve product quality with Airpel Self-Cleaning Filters from Celeros Flow Technology

September 2021

Celeros Flow Technology offers pipelines constant protection from surge events

September 2021

Dollinger GP-198 coalescing filters from Celeros Flow Technology offer almost 100% efficiency in removal of contaminants from gas streams

August 2021

Celeros FT brands collaborate to offer improved Valve Aftermarket service to customers in North America

July 2021

Tommy Kassem is our new Chief Commercial Officer

July 2021

Speed and simplicity are the focus for standardized range of reciprocating pumps

June 2021

New K+S salt extraction plant is brought online ahead of schedule with engineering support from Celeros Flow Technology

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