Active all across the globe, the Celeros Flow Technology team has proven highly adept at supporting companies that are involved in both the generation and the distribution of electrical power. With respect to electricity generation, our engineering know-how covers everything from conventional coal-fired and gas-fired plants through to nuclear, geothermal, biomass, solar and wind based sites. Consequently, we are instrumental in supporting customers in their efforts to raise overall efficiency levels, maintain continued operation, ensure their workers’ well being and finally minimize the associated ecological impact. Featuring readily available off-the-shelf hardware plus highly-focused bespoke system solutions, our broad product portfolio consists of pumps, valves, and closures. All of our products have the heavy duty construction necessary to operate in even the most challenging environments.

Thanks to our advanced flow control technology and in-depth industry-related insight, electrical utilities are able to keep their distribution infrastructure in optimal condition and mitigate the threat posed by overheating, freezing or other issues that could lead to operational failures. Our expertise in original equipment design and manufacture is matched by the exceptional after-sales services we provide - comprising maintenance/repair, obsolescence management and whole life optimization.

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