Offering support for upstream, midstream and downstream operations, Celeros Flow Technology plays an essential role in the global supply of oil & gas - ensuring that ever increasing demands continue to be met. Our team is highly experienced in all aspects of this sector. As a result, we can provide the cutting-edge flow control hardware needed for even the most intensive exploration work (both onshore and offshore) to be undertaken, so that new reserves are fully utilized while the safety of operatives is always upheld. In addition, we are also a valued engineering partner when it comes to the subsequent transportation, storage, refining and processing of these resources once they have been extracted. Going all the way from discrete component parts right through to comprehensive turnkey solutions, our extensive portfolio is exceptional - with pumps, closures and valves all being encompassed.

Through access to the wealth of technological innovations we offer, our customers are able to significantly raise their productivity levels and maximize uptime. This means they can be confident that any investment made is fully leveraged and also keep their day-to-day running costs in check too. Our solutions relating to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) mean that remaining reserves can be extracted from older wells, while the game-changing surge relief mechanisms we have developed are proving highly effective in protecting tankers and storage facilities from dramatic pressure increases. Thanks to our ultra-responsive shut-off mechanisms, quick-opening closures, plus pig signaling and launching equipment, we help to keep pipelines in the best possible working order and ensure supply continuity. We even carry out maintenance/refurbishment/upgrading of storage and transportation infrastructure. All this is complemented by a wide array of aftermarket services, including refurbishment, training and trouble-shooting activities.


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