What did we do on World Environment Day?


World Environment Day on 5 June gave us all the opportunity to consider how we can support sustainability in the short and longer term. Celeros Flow Technology teams around the globe came together to spread the sustainability message – and have some fun.

In the UK, one team member crafted several bee and insect houses, which were installed around one of our sites alongside bird boxes that already host a family of Blue Tits. Additionally, teams planted wildflowers to attract more native wildlife and organized a 'green raffle' with environmentally friendly prizes, such as house plants, with all proceeds donated to the Friends of Linn Park charity.

Over in France, the team organized a vegetarian recipe competition and the winning dish was a delicious tomato-feta-olive crumble. The winner received a book by Jean-Marc Jancovici, a renowned expert on energy issues and climate impact. This event will certainly encourage many of us to enjoy meat-free meals more frequently, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

Our French team are also being encouraged to use alternative transportation methods instead of cars. It was delightful to see the bike parking area full, while the car parking area appeared much emptier.

In India, our team planted trees and distributed plantable seed pens to all employees. Inspired by a speech from plant manager Digonta Barua and our corporate ESGs, the team also made this commitment:

“We, at Celeros Flow Technology, Ghaziabad, take a pledge on World Environment Day to keep our surroundings clean. We will fulfil our duty towards nature by reducing carbon emissions. Every job, whether big or small, can go a long way in protecting the environment and its resources. We pledge to make this a better and greener place for future generations. Earth is our home, and we must keep it clean and green, so we pledge to protect and preserve the ecosystem.”

All great examples of how our people are embracing sustainability and contributing on a personal as well as a professional level to making a difference.

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