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Closures rather under-sells the fact that Celeros Flow Technology offers a number of pipeline access solutions to make maintenance simpler and reduce downtime. For example, our patented Pig Stop and Bypass (PSB) mechanism allows automated pigging on oil & gas pipelines to be managed remotely and reliably, either from land or a main platform.

These ingenious solutions are all products of the engineering heritage of GD Engineering, inventors of the GD Bandlock™2 original and benchmark design for global high-pressure closure applications. As a current market leader in the design and manufacture of advanced pipeline access and pigging solutions to the oil, gas and process industries worldwide, we know the value of timely, planned service and maintenance for your critical access systems and offer a range of services to keep productivity high while safeguarding people and plant.

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Manage Parts & Supply

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1. OEM Supplier of Choice

Celeros Flow Technology’s closures, signallers and pigging systems have been designed to provide long-term operation in the harshest application environments. They conform to applicable industry-recognized design codes and adhere to international specification guidelines.

Thanks to our highly responsive team, we are able to deal with every aspect of the product lifecycle - covering initial specification and installation, right through to aftersales support.

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2. OEM Parts

With access to an extensive archived spare parts inventory, Celeros Flow Technology are able to provide genuine OEM parts for globally installed pipeline closures and signallers, as requirements dictate. As the inventors of the original BandlockTM closure, we have an expansive spares selection available.

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3. Service Agreements

Safety-critical industry sectors, such as power, oil & gas, defence and nuclear, mandate exceptional engineering support 24/7. Celeros Flow Technology recommend the use of a comprehensive service agreement to key customers in these sectors. This means that round the clock assistance is always available, thereby ensuring that any operational issues are quickly dealt with to maximize uptime.

To complement these service agreements, we can also offer planned condition-based maintenance programs. Here closure condition is periodically monitored through on-site visual inspection (which includes performing both dimensional and operational checks).

To fully support customer operational requirements and maintenance regimes, we can also develop tailor-made condition monitoring and maintenance service programs.

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4. Analytics & Tech Support

Even the best quality closures from one of the world’s leading manufacturers will need regular maintenance to make certain that it continues to function as originally intended. Over time, equipment wear and changing operating conditions can result in operational inefficiencies emerging or cause potential safety risks.

By applying the in-depth experience of our engineering team, we are able to offer invaluable guidance to our customers and make sure that installed closures enjoy a prolonged, dependable and trouble-free operation. Our technical support covers all aspects, including when to upgrade or replace components, or what measures should be taken to ensure their upkeep. In addition, we offer an array of far-reaching analysis methods. These can be used for troubleshooting and predictive maintenance purposes, allowing potential issues to be uncovered and resolved before they can impact on productivity. Non-destructive testing (NDT) activities such as dye penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection are also available through our team.

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5. Engineered Replacement Parts

As closures can remain deployed for several decades, there is a clear need to be able to accommodate new technological advances as they arrive. By retro-fitting these innovations, it is possible for numerous operational benefits to be realised - including boosted operational efficiency, heightened safety and greater uptime.

Celeros Flow Technology have an engineered replacement parts service that can manufacture difficult-to-source or obsolete components. We can create an alternative solution to the original component/sub-assembly, or even bring enhancements, such as improved performance. Utilizing this service provides an opportunity to significantly expand the lifespan of legacy equipment. We invest in 3D modelling and finite element analysis (FEA), which are both pivotal in the retrospective upgrading, re-engineering and installation of in-house manufactured parts.

Improve Your Existing Equipment

Improvement Solutions
Optimizing Uptime

Optimizing Uptime

Through the long-established GD Engineering brand, Celeros Flow Technology supply customers with highly advanced quick-opening BandlockTM closures, plus ultra-efficient pig launching and monitoring systems that facilitate maintenance operations and minimize downtime. Given the need for sustained long-term operation of such apparatus once deployed, as well as assurance of the highest degrees of safety, it is important that everything is done to keep this equipment in the best possible condition. Consequently, our innovative access solutions are complemented by full lifecycle support and expert technical advice on how to maximize performance.

Our multifaceted Project Managed Maintenance Scheme has been put in place to help reduce customers’ overall maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency levels. Condition monitoring and maintenance service programs can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Maintenance of interlock systems, trap modification, seal surface refurbishment and flange face machining are some of the activities that can be undertaken. Thanks to our highly-trained engineers, we can carry out the servicing of pipeline scraper traps. We are also in a position to offer complete onshore/offshore inspection and maintenance service packages for pipeline pig trap systems (even dealing with traps and closures from other vendors). Keeping detailed records of all equipment models sold means we can quickly supply substitutes for any parts that need replacing.

Improvement Solutions
Seal Solutions

Seal Solutions

Significant improvements in seal technology mean that a much wider range of elastomer materials can now be selected for use in our closures. These offer extended seal life and mitigate the risk of prolonged downtime while unplanned repair work is carried out. Our technical team can work in partnership with you to identify the seal material that is best for the specific operating conditions that your closure will be subjected to. Through the application of these new elastomers, older closures can be upgraded in the field – thereby extending operational lifespan, while causing minimal disruption to customers’ operations.

Case Study:

GD Engineering was successful in overhauling an offshore Multiple Sphere Launcher that had been in continuous operation, launching spheres at 8 hour intervals for a period of 19 years. The overhaul was completed in our Worksop facility ahead of schedule and under budget. This enabled the system’s expected working lifespan to be extended.

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Closure Service Solutions

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Service Centers
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Industry Leading Field Service

  • Site Service
  • Fully Trained service engineers
  • Onshore/ offshore inspection
  • NDT inspection
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Service Agreements

  • Condition monitoring
  • Closure Maintenance Service Program
  • Seal / Parts Stocking Agreements
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Closure Refurbishment Services

  • On site seal surface refurbishment
  • Door machining
  • Flange face machining
  • Pig Trap refurbishment
  • Engineered modifications & upgrades
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Engineered Closure Solutions

  • Retro Fit – Flanged Closures
  • High Pressure Closure Solutions
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Repair Maintenance & Overhaul

  • Onshore/ offshore maintenance
  • Parts Stocking
  • On Site Product Training
  • Commissioning & Installation Support

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