The cutting-edge flow control and fluid handling engineering that we specialize in has been pivotal to the success of countless exploration projects, enabling the extraction of oil & gas products from wells situated all across the globe - both onshore and offshore. We have a proven track record in helping to significantly reduce the overall costs involved with such work - thereby making extraction from even the most hard to reach reserves economically viable and prolonging field life for as long as possible.

Our solutions are found in all types of offshore floating production units (FPUs) and tension leg platforms (TLPs). For the former, this includes floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) platforms, floating storage and offloading (FSO) vessels and floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) operations. When it comes to onshore installations, we have expert knowledge that has successfully been applied to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and various forms of injection equipment, in order to maximize the effectiveness of extraction activities. Our hydraulic drive pumps are deployed in challenging downhole applications, while our centrifugal and reciprocating pumps are utilized in water injection, main oil line and condensate export applications. In addition, we have process pumps, sump pumps and seawater pumping solutions, along with bio-fouling prevention pumps and seawater lift reels. Finally, our steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) pumps are specified in work to extract increasingly valued unconventional oil reserves from shale and oil sand deposits.

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The offshore drilling industries are subject to exceedingly harsh operating conditions and rely on quality products and engineered solutions. Our S&N Pumps are leaders in the field for the design, service, testing and repair of seawater pumping equipment to the offshore industry, offering safe, cost effective, reliable, single-source solutions for global seawater needs.

The S&N Pumps comprehensive range of submersible pumps and pump products are used in various applications for the offshore and marine sector, including seawater lift, firewater, pre-fill/ballast, deluge/water curtain, cooling water, and bio-fouling prevention pumps, general service pumps, process pumps, sump pumps and ancillary equipment.

The E~Z Lift automated seawater lift reel systems are designed to meet the raw seawater supply requirements of a rig and serve as a replacement for well tower and leg installations of electric submersible pumps. Electric submersible pumps are attached to hoses on the reel system and deployed overboard to the rigs desired depth. Each system is operated by a single man, and allows for safe deployment and retraction of a rig’s seawater lift pumps.

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Oil and gas is found in some of the most remote and inhospitable places on earth; the coldest seas, the deepest oceans and the hottest deserts. We have built a reputation in providing engineered solutions for some of the most arduous applications in the most hostile environmental conditions imaginable.

Our comprehensive range of ClydeUnion Pumps API 610 centrifugal and API 674 reciprocating pumps are used in various applications for the exploration and production sector. These include water injection, main oil line, crude oil and condensate export, pipeline pumps, seawater lift, firewater pumps, general service pumps, process pumps, sump pumps; hydraulic drive downhole pumps for artificial lift and multiphase pumping applications; subsea pumps, and ancillary equipment.

The CUP-BB5HP range encompasses radially split, diffuser type multi-stage pumps specifically designed for the high pressure and high speed service needs of the market. The pump encompasses proven design history, evolving from our legacy Weir Pumps ‘OK’ and Union Pumps ‘HMBS’ machines. Both contribute to an enviable heritage of sound engineering, with hundreds of CUPBB5HP pumps operating worldwide, both onshore and offshore.

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Downhole & Subsea

In the offshore production environment, downhole and subsea applications present some of the greatest challenges for pumping equipment. Our ClydeUnion Pumps brand has a long and successful track record in the development and manufacture of products for such applications and has championed the use of hydraulic turbine driven pumps for maximum flexibility, availability and reliability. This technology is used to boost single or multiphase fluids in the well bore or on the seabed.

Production of hydrocarbons has become increasingly reliant on pump technology to recover fluids from low pressure reserves. Oil lift and boosting applications are at the very front end of the production process and often encounter aggressive fluids and highly variable operating conditions.

The ClydeUnion Pumps turbine driven Hydraulic Submersible Pump (HSP) has been specially engineered to operate effectively in this environment and to eliminate the failure modes associated with conventional downhole pumps. The multiphase variant of the HSP has over ten years successful operation as the primary means of production in subsea wells and has demonstrated run lives around three times longer than the industry average for electric submersible pumps.

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