Deployed all over the world in the latest pipeline infrastructure, the sophisticated flow control technology we have developed allows efficient and reliable transportation of raw product from its point of extraction to where it can then be refined.

Addressing a broad range of different capacity requirements, our pipeline pumps, gate valves, check valves and diverter valves permit a steady flow to be achieved. These are complemented by state-of-the-art surge relief mechanisms, which protect against the threat of sudden rapid increases in flow rate (that could otherwise lead to the lives of staff being put at risk or major damage to infrastructure and the environment occurring). Furthermore we have access and monitoring solutions to ensure the long term upkeep of this infrastructure (with fast entry closures, plus pig launching and pig signaling equipment), as well as solutions relating to the loading/unloading of seagoing, road and rail tankers. All this means that supply continuity of both oil and natural gas liquids (NGLs) can always be fully depended upon. Our advanced pump and filtration solutions are all instrumental in maintaining the quality of tank-stored oil & gas assets too.

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Transportation + Storage

Wherever oil and gas are found they need to be transported to processing facilities around the world for refining into products we use every day. This is achieved using subsea and onshore pipelines, seagoing tankers and road and rail tankers, all of which use pumps to export, transfer and load or unload the unrefined product.

ClydeUnion Pumps technologies have been used in pipeline and export applications since the late 1800’s. Today we supply a range of pumps from the smallest to the largest pipeline and export applications; from loading and unloading road tankers to the largest seagoing oil tankers.

The ClydeUnion Pumps vertical range has proved to be the right choice for high flow loading applications where NPSHA is limited. Also with the incorporation of high pressure volute construction the pump length can be dramatically reduced, limiting installation costs.

The CUP-BB3 pump is a heavy duty axially split, multi-stage, double volute horizontal pump with opposed impellers and either single or double suction first stage impeller options. They comply with the latest edition of API 610 and API 682 standards and are specifically designed for heavy duty, medium and high pressure applications. With an ever increasing drive to reduce energy costs associated with distribution, maximising pump efficiency is a priority for us. Computer modelling, improved casting processes and the introduction of composite bearing materials have all contributed to the CUP-BB3 being one of the most efficient pumps in this industry.

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