Introduction to Reciprocating Pumps

March 9 , 2021


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Our Introduction to Reciprocating Pumps explains how a reciprocating pump works, when you would choose to use a reciprocating pump, and which factors should be considered when selecting a pump.
Our team at Celeros will share their extensive knowledge working with ClydeUnion reciprocating pumps to give you a greater understanding of this type of pump.

Reciprocating Pumps


0048 Mohammadi

Ashkan Mohammadi

Canadian Sales Manager with over 14 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas market North America and Middle East.

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Jeffrey Ortego

Aftermarket Engineering Manager for North America, with over 10 years’ experience design experience and member of the reciprocating design team.

Alan photo

Alan Matthews

Senior Engineer with over 30 years’ experience at Celeros, involved with product application, commercial sales support, and product development.

Introduction to Reciprocating Pumps

Introduction to Reciprocating Pumps
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