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Reciprocating Pumps

API 674 Reciprocating power pumps are designed with exceptional versatility for easier product selection and faster turnaround. These units driven via electric motors or diesel engines through V-belt or gear.

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Reciprocating Pumps

Speed & Simplicity

Easier product selection and faster turnaround are two of the advantages customers can expect when they choose from our standardized range of reciprocating pumps. We’ve totally revised our reciprocating pumps portfolio to align with current market conditions, reduce design complexity and make it simpler to match the pump to the application.


The ClydeUnion Pumps reciprocating power pumps are designed with exceptional versatility to efficiently meet the requirements of a wide variety of pumping applications. These units are ruggedly designed for minimum maintenance and to meet the heavy-duty requirements of continuous duty operation in general industry as well as API 674 services.

These units are driven via electric motors or diesel engines through V-belt or gear reduction. Stuffing boxes are specifically designed for applications to maximize packing life and minimize maintenance. Equipment can be packaged to meet the most stringent requirements of API 674.

Small models include: SX3, DX5, TX10, TD28, TD30, TD60, TD90

Medium models include: QD100, TD120, QD200

Large models include: TD240, QD400

Gear models include: TX50, TX70, TX90, TX115, TX125, TX150, TX200, QX300

High horse power models include: QD7000, TD8060

Simplex Direct Acting Models include: SMD, SHD, SVP, SMC, CHP, FHP

Duplex Direct Acting Models include: DMD, DHD, DVP, DENF

Technical Data

Range Charts

RECIP Range Chart - US
RECIP Range Chart - US

RECIP Range Chart - Metric
RECIP Range Chart - Metric


  • Abrasive liquids & slurries
  • Amonia
  • Alcohol, naptha, gasoline, fueloil, lube oil
  • Amine & glycol circulation
  • Beverages, other viscous foods; peanut butter / corn syrup
  • Blow out preventors
  • Boiler feed
  • Desalination high pressure feed
  • Injection (chemical, saltwater, lubrication)
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Hydraulic systems
  • General industry services
  • Product transfer
  • Subsea controls
  • Tars and asphalts

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