Recognized as an industry leader in fluid handling, we strive to bring ingenious new solutions to the power generation sector. Via our pumps, valves and emission control technology, we are helping to raise efficiency levels, maximize uptime, ensure workforce safety and reduce environmental impact.

In coal-fired power stations, we provide the high pressure pumping solutions needed for delivering deaerated water into boilers, the subsequent circulation of this water and the removal of condensates. We are the go-to supplier when it comes to circulating water pumps, boiler feed injection pumps, carbon capture pumps, condensate extraction pumps, control valves, steam conversion valves and steam turbine bypass valves. The flow, temperature and pressure control equipment that we provide to our power generation customers means that their turbines are protected from prospective sources of serious damage. These turbines hence benefit from extended operational longevity and less frequent repair/maintenance work.

Conventional Power Combined Cycle

Combined Cycle / Gas Fired Power Applications

With decades of experience in the power sector, we recognise the inherent need to offer varied engineer-to-order solutions for today’s fossil fuel and biomass power plants. We work with our clients to ensure that our equipment serves their needs, with our key focus on engineering our solutions to ensure maximum through-life reliability, minimum through-life costs and smooth start-up and commissioning. With tailored and standard designs available for all types of thermal plants, our pumps, valves and filters are ideally suited across a range of applications including Feedwater Control, Condensate to Deaerator, Superheater Spray Control, Aux. Steam to Deaerator, Reheater Tank Drain to Condenser, Deaerator Water Level Main Control, Boiler Water Tank to Condensor, Drum Level Control, Sootblower PRV, Continuous Blowdown, Boiler Feedpump, Min Flow Recirculation, HP Feedwater Start-Up and Level Control Valve .

Our comprehensive range of ancillary equipment is engineered for reliability under demanding operational conditions. This range includes condensate extraction pumps (CEPs), vertical circulating water pumps (CWs), general service valves, severe duty valves and a range of strainers, filters and oil mist eliminators.

Conventional Power Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture + Storage

Pumps are critical to all CCS processes - ClydeUnion Pumps has a global reputation for supplying reliable and robust engineered pumping solutions for all CCS pumping applications. ClydeUnion Pumps boasts over 50 years of operational experience with CO2 capture processes.

Our high performance range of API 610 centrifugal and API 674 reciprocating pumps provide reliable solutions for solvent, water and auxiliary pump applications in CO2 capture processes. These comprehensive ranges include overhung, between bearings and vertically suspended centrifugal options and a range of reciprocating models, offering first class flexibility and integrity. Where API compliance is not required, our high quality industrial standard ANSI or ISO pump ranges further provide reliable, economic solutions for CO2 capture processes.

• Post-combustion capture: Pumps must handle lean and rich solvents as well as water, across a range of temperatures. A variety of solvents may be used, such as amines, ammonia, ethers or potassium carbonate
• Pre-combustion capture: For post-combustion processes, pumps handle similar fluids across a range of temperatures and pressures
• Oxyfuel combustion capture: This process avoids the need for solvents

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