Speed and simplicity are the focus for standardized range of reciprocating pumps


Easier product selection and faster turnaround are two of the advantages customers can expect when they choose from our standardized range of reciprocating pumps. We’ve totally revised our reciprocating pumps portfolio to align with current market conditions, reduce design complexity and make it simpler to match the pump to the application.

Simon Walsh, our Director of Engineering, explains:

“We have a fantastic heritage and considerable expertise in reciprocating pumps technology through our ClydeUnion Pumps brand. When correctly applied and maintained, our pumps can perform with zero emissions, enabling customers to uphold the highest environmental standards.

“We’ve recently updated and streamlined our product portfolio to reduce complexity and improve parts interchangeability. Customers will also experience improvements around product selection and delivery, with turnaround times of between six to eight weeks on typical applications for water and downstream oil & gas customers.”

Standardization across the reciprocating pumps portfolio has cut the number of components by 20 per cent: reducing spares inventory and simplifying maintenance. A redesigned valve inside the fluid end of the standardized reciprocating pumps has also reduced complexity and makes changeout much easier than before. The pumps also feature a new tie-plate, which facilitates the adaptation of pumps to process changes.

Simon concludes: “Celeros FT’s investment in its revised reciprocating pumps range demonstrates our continued commitment to being the lifecycle partner of choice for global flow control applications.”

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