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When it comes to quick-opening closures, the GD Engineering Bandlock™ technology has set the benchmark for the oil industry for many years. The current Bandlock™2 closure is based on the original Bandlock™ technology, with all the features that make this closure safe and easy to use, but offers a lighter weight solution, making it ideal for offshore installations.

The Bandlock™2 closure assures safety with a hand-operated pressure warning screw integrated into its closure mechanism, which prevents the door from being unlocked until it is confirmed that the vessel's internal pressure has been relieved. A servo acting lip seal energises at zero pressure to give a completely pressure-tight seal. Locking segments can always be seen by the operator, so they can be sure the door is securely closed and locked. An optional mechanical key that interlocks with the integrated control valve can also be fitted for additional safety if required.

Designed with a single point lever, the closure is easy and quick to use and can significantly reduce engineering and operational overheads, making a very attractive return on investment. With flexible options, the Bandlock™2 is also available with flange connections for easy replacement of blind flanges.

For the offshore industry, however, selecting a Bandlock™ closure is not just about the advanced, proven technology. The GD Engineering brand offers enviable engineering expertise in the design and supply of closure mechanisms to meet even the most challenging of applications, including closures up to 90” (or more, depending on flow conditions) and high temperature solutions. A range of elastomer sealing options are also available to manage even the harshest of process conditions.

The fabrication and engineering capability offered by GD Engineering means it can produce standard or fully customised solutions, fully tested and verified for vacuum, pressure, pressure fatigue, gas leak, strain gauge and thermal performance. It also uses finite element modelling techniques to demonstrate the closure suitability for the design conditions, all ensuring performance meets or exceeds specific design requirements.

Bandlock™ closures are complemented by a range of pig signallers with options for intrusive or non-intrusive technology. The Hi-T Pigalert, with its predictable mechanical trigger, continues to be a popular solution for use in harsh environments. The Hi-T Magalert pig signaller uses magnetic technology to provide a non-intrusive solution that is easy to install and use, making it ideal for many applications including use as a mobile device.

For the offshore oil industry, the knowledge, expertise, advanced technology and proven experience offered by us makes it an ideal partner for closure solutions. Working closely with customers, its engineering teams can help overcome difficult challenges and produce solutions that are not only safe and reliable but also offer excellent return on investment going forward through their efficient operation and ease of use. From specification through installation and commissioning, on to lifetime care, we offer a complete solution with global services that can enhance operations and keep processes running smoothly throughout their lifecycle.

Is the Bandlock™2 closure the best available? That question is subjective, but its proven operation in installations throughout the world makes it a very strong contender. Whatever the application, we are ready to discuss your needs and help you find the right answers.


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