Reduce downtime and improve product quality with Airpel Self-Cleaning Filters from Celeros Flow Technology


Maintaining product quality while optimizing uptime is key in many industries, including water treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and the manufacture of paints and solvents. Celeros Flow Technology offers the Airpel Series of self-cleaning filter (SCF), designed to reduce downtime, increase productivity and contain/reclaim unwanted debris to comply with company and environmental legislation.

The Airpel SCF Series allows for stand alone, low maintenance processing of liquids. The filters can be automated, either electronically or pneumatically, from 32 mm (1.25") and above. The level of automation can be selected from manual cleaning and valve operation to fully automated filters which can be supplied wired and fully tested, requiring only on-site connection to the power source and dump valve connection. The latter option means they can be deployed rapidly and with minimal disruption to production.

The Airpel SCF design blends modern technology with simplicity to provide a versatile method of filtering process fluids. Customers can select from three modes of operation – automated, motorized or manual – and from standard pressure (s2) or high pressure (S1) models to achieve a filtration solution to match their application and their budget. A wedge wire filter element is used in 90% of applications, but a perforated element is also available where it is critical to prevent the passage of ‘platelet’ shaped or fibrous debris.

The Airpel SCF Series features a contained scraper blade design, which is highly effective in hazardous and high dirt load processes. The process fluid flows from the outside to the inside of the filter so that debris is collected on the outside of the element. Cleaning takes place without interruption to flow by the rotation of the element against fixed scraper blades. The debris accumulated during rotation is deposited into the bottom of the filter body from where it can be periodically discharged either manually or automatically. A dedicated dump valve gives operators total control over waste disposal, with minimal loss of product.

The standard pressure S2 model provides highly cost-effective solutions to difficult liquid filtration problems of all viscosities. Each S2 unit comprises a cast filter head and stainless steel fabricated bowl and is suitable for working pressures of up to 13.8 barg and temperatures to 260°C (subject to model and seal materials). The high pressure S1 SCF for extreme working environments is of full cast construction and suitable for working pressures up to 35 barg.

Digital control panels rated to IP65 are available for multi-filter applications in remote or unmanned locations. Easy to programme, the Airpel control panels can report incidents both on the panel and via signal back to a central control point. Other options include manual, electric or pneumatic drive and hardened stainless steel or plastic blade options to match application requirements. Explosion proof (ATEX) specification SCFs are also available on request.

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