On-site Filtration Testing


Filtration plays a key role in ensuring that oil & gas and petrochemical plants are operating efficiently. Where filters are incorrectly applied or not properly maintained, the knock-on effects can include reduced process efficiency, product contamination and unscheduled downtime – all of which affect profitability.

Celeros Flow Technology (Celeros FT) has developed a pioneering on-site Gas Filtration Test Skid that enables customers to gain a better understanding of their liquid process and filtration requirements without interrupting production. The Gas Filtration Test Skid allows the quantities of solid and liquid contaminants in gas flows to be detected and estimated with far greater precision, empowering gas processors to take appropriate action: either by implementing a new filtration solution or upgrading their existing one.

Chris Nixon, Global Product Manager for Filters at Celeros FT, explains:

“Obtaining filtration data in the field, either for fault diagnosis or maintenance and quality checks, has been problematic – until now. Our pioneering Gas Filtration Test Skid completely changes the situation. Evolved using the engineering and industrial expertise inherent in our filtration brands, Dollinger and Plenty, the Test Rig signifies a major technological advance for midstream and downstream process gas customers and demonstrates our commitment to delivering outstanding aftermarket support.”

Using data gathered during an on-site gas filtration test, it is possible to accurately determine the level of solid & liquid aerosol contamination within a gas processing system and support selection decisions on the most suitable filtration solution for the application. The benefits of correctly specified filtration can include enhanced product quality, a reduction in the use of anti-foaming additives and prevention of damage to plant. This in turn leads to reduced shutdowns, longer maintenance periods and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Celeros FT Gas Filtration Test Skid is suitable for deployment in both Amine-based and Glycol-based processing systems, as well as being of value in protecting gas turbo compressors, gas separation membranes, molecular sieves, turbines and NOx burners. ATEX Zone 1 rating means the skid can deal with even the most hazardous of application environments.

Supporting a 9,000Nm3/hr flow rate, the Gas Filtration Test Skid is suitable for midstream and downstream process gas applications. It can be used to undertake tests on coalescing efficiency at actual gas process conditions, covering pressures of up to 75 bar and temperatures reaching 65°C.

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