Next generation Dollinger air intake filtration system reduces system pressure loss and lowers lifetime costs


Increase the performance and component service life of your compressor with the next generation Dollinger NG-128-V air intake filtration system from Celeros Flow Technology.

The Dollinger NG-128-V is a front-end filtration solution that reduces contamination at the intake of a compressor. Equally suited to OEM or compressor rebuild projects, the NG-128-V has been engineered to minimize air pressure drop, reduce turbulence and ultimately lower operating costs, bringing multiple benefits to high volume compressed air applications such as glass bottle production and chemical processing.

Contaminants at the intake of compressors, blowers and turbines – such as dirt, moisture, oils, hydrocarbons, gases and bacteria - can dramatically reduce operating efficiency and lead to premature overhauls and costly unplanned shutdowns. The robust Dollinger NG filter system is designed to protect compressors from such contaminants, even in the harshest of operating environments. It incorporates a MAXUM primary filter panel, which removes particulate down to 10µm and helps to extend the service life of the final stage MAXUM filter panel, the heart of the system, which removes particles as fine as 2µm at an efficiency of 99.97%.

The main filter features a Multi V-Pack design that significantly increases the media surface area: resulting in reduced pressure loss, increased dirt holding capacity, extended service life, and reduced total cost of ownership. The MAXUM’s rugged polystyrene frame is light in weight, highly resistant to corrosion and may be effectively disposed of by incineration in compliance with ISO14001 standards. The panel frame incorporates dual concentric seamless polyurethane foam gaskets that ensure a positive seal, virtually eliminating any potential for bypass of particulate.

The MAXUM final stage filter panel offers up to three times the dust holding capacity of more traditional deep pleat filters, with less than half the pressure drop. The MAXUM panel can operate at flows as high as 3,000 SCFM compared to the 2,000 SCFM of the deep pleat alternative, so a smaller NG filter system is required. This translates into lower capital expenditure and lower initial installation cost.

The NG-128-V is also designed to make maintenance as simple as possible. The primary filter is installed in the side-opening weather hood, which has only 2 latches to gain full access to both the primary and final filters. This provides safe and easy access for maintenance personnel during filter changeouts.

Full lifecycle services are available through the Dollinger engineering team to support customers from initial filtration specification to servicing and maintenance.

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