High quality flow control products and services from Celeros Flow Technology on show at WNE 2021


Celeros Flow Technology (Celeros FT) is demonstrating its longterm commitment to the nuclear power sector at WNE 2021. Its ClydeUnion Pumps brand will be on-stand to discuss how their severe duty pumps and lifecycle engineering services can support critical flow control in nuclear power applications around the world.

“The name of Celeros Flow Technology may not be so familiar yet, because we were formed only one year ago, but our brands are very well known in the nuclear sector,” says Pascal Montel, Global Nuclear Sales Director. “Customers and regulatory authority representatives visiting our stand at WNE 2021 can learn how we fully support the nuclear industry installed base throughout the lifetime of the reactors. Our ClydeUnion Pumps brand has a long and proven history in nuclear applications. Under the banner of Celeros Flow Technology, we are committed to supporting existing customers and meeting future engineering challenges with high quality OEM products and outstanding lifecycle support.”

Supporting safe operation

The Celeros FT product portfolio includes a wide range of Class 1,2 and 3 pumps from ClydeUnion Pumps. For example, CUP-BB5 safety injection pumps are already proven in nuclear applications worldwide and are now being specified to support the latest EPR technology. The ClydeUnion brand also offers the TWL™ pump – a unique solution for turbine driven safety-related duties in nuclear power plants that saves space and can operate without external services. The CUP-TWL is one of the few proven technologies that can currently meet the demanding requirements of a station black out scenario, offering both existing and new nuclear power sites a solution to improve the safety and integrity of their plant.

Full lifecycle services

In addition to offering high quality, high reliability OEM flow control solutions, Celeros Flow Technology also offers nuclear customers full lifecycle support. The company’s ASME ‘N Stamp’ coded facilities offer engineering capabilities to support seismic re-evaluations or accidental conditions recalculations, as well as thermal and hydraulic modelling. The team can also undertake upgrades and changes of material to ensure critical flow control equipment continues to meet operating parameters and regulatory requirements. Re-engineering services support obsolescence, delivering quality replacement components while maintaining accidental conditions and seismic original qualifications.

Alongside its nuclear grade pumps, Celeros FT also offers valves, filters and pipeline access solutions, through established and respected brands such as Copes-Vulcan, Dollinger and GP Engineering. This means it can act as a single source supplier for a variety of nuclear applications including feedwater, steam dump, pressurizer spray, reactor coolant, sampling, service water, and safety injection.

In addition to the commercial nuclear power market, Celeros FT serves the world’s naval nuclear fleets, research reactors and small modular reactors. This enables technology and knowledge transfer so that customers benefit from the latest engineering solutions.

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