High-Capacity filtration solutions from Celeros Flow Technology deliver high contaminant retention efficiency to reduce downtime


In response to the growing levels of contamination across a variety of process applications, Celeros Flow Technology has developed a new range of High-Capacity (HC) filtration solutions to more efficiently separate solids and liquids. The solutions deliver high contaminant retention efficiency with minimal impact on process parameters.

Chris Nixon, Global Product Manager – Filters, at Celeros Flow Technology said, “Our new High Capacity filtration solutions are a timely response to ongoing contamination challenges faced by our customers. Combining their expertise, our Dollinger and Plenty brands have developed a unique filter design that is more efficient at capturing contaminants and has a greater holding capacity than before. Based on this technology, we can design, manufacture and deliver total OEM filtration solutions that are tailored to match individual application parameters. Our ability to optimize filtration performance will enable our customers to improve process efficiency and product quality, while reducing maintenance and operational costs.”

High solid loading within refinery and treatment process applications is becoming an increasing challenge for plant operations and maintenance teams. Conventional filtration systems, while correctly rated in terms of particulate efficiency, can rapidly become overloaded due to the sheer volume of contaminants in liquid process applications. This leads directly to rapid differential pressure increases across filter systems, which results in more frequent filter cartridge change-out intervals. The result is a rise in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to increased downtime, increased manpower requirements and increased spare parts replacement.

The unique filter design, with a layered and pleated media pack construction, is central to the success of the new High-Capacity filtration solutions. The filter is contained within a cartridge that features an inside-to-out flow pattern. This ensures that solid contaminants are trapped and held within the cartridge and cannot accidentally fall into the clean side of the filter housing during replacement. High volume contaminant removal to β5000 efficiency is possible with excellent particulate retention across a range of sizes. Designed for a maximum flowrate of 500 USgpm, HC filter cartridges are available as standard in a range of lengths and particulate sizes which can be easily removed or replaced.

Typical applications for Celeros FT HC filtration include amine/glycol systems, seawater systems, power generation, process water and specialty chemicals production.

Customers can select from a total system solution to match specific application needs or opt to upgrade their existing filter arrangement with a HC filter cartridge from the standard range.

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