Getting our name in lights


Since our launch in April 2020, we have been attracting lots of positive attention, particularly in the trade media. Commentary from our CEO José Larios and VP Aftermarket Tim Olds has been sought by more than 10 leading industry trade journals* to date, with editors keen to understand just what makes the ‘new kid on the block’ (as Oilfield Technology describes us) stand out from the crowd.

Some editors wanted to know how we had successfully launched a company during a global pandemic. José’s response to Pumps & Systems sums up our positive mindset in the face of adversity:

“I can tell you that closed borders and travel restrictions were not that helpful right before the launch! However, we were always focused on our long-term plan with the investment we were making, and we have a great strategy with clear goals in place. We just knuckled down and kept with our original launch date. We have a set of values—speed, excellence, partnership, integrity and accountability— and I feel we really lived each of these in our actions during the launch and continue to do so now.”

Other trade journals were keen to know what would set us apart and how we would support our customers. Tim Olds talked about Aftermarket services as a key differentiator with Flow Control, saying:

“Repair and maintenance are essential aspects of aftermarket care, but there are many other ways in which we help customers. For example, we support nuclear power station operators in keeping documentation fully up to date and compliant – which is a considerable task. We also offer training courses to ensure that knowledge is shared: customers for these sessions include representatives from regulatory authorities, as well as client engineers and quality managers. We also seek new ways of applying our considerable OEM and field engineering expertise to improve the support we can offer.”

Sharing insights and examples about how Celeros Flow Technology can add value to your business is part of our commitment to working in partnership with our customers. So, keep checking our News section and your favorite trade journal for more developments!

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