Engineered-to-Order CUP-BB5 Pumps Can Minimize Downtime in Oil & Gas Exploration


As a leading manufacturer of flow solutions, we understands that equipment for offshore applications should be engineered to minimise downtime. Our ClydeUnion Pump CUP-BB5 range features an innovative cartridge retention design that means a complete rotor change-out can be completed in under eight hours.

The CUP-BB5 range comprises radially split, diffuser type, multi-stage pumps specifically designed for the Oil & Gas market. With capacities up to 2,800 m3 /hr (2,330 USgpm) and delivery heads up to 4,100 m (13,450 ft), typical applications for the CUPBB5 range include produced water injection, seawater injection and main oil lines.

CUP-BB5 pumps require no specialist tools or additional training, making maintenance straightforward and minimising downtime. The unique Shear Ring locking system ensures rapid change-out and minimises pump downtime because it does not require the use of high torque equipment to assemble / dis-assemble.

With two main variants of in-line impellers (CUP-BB5i) or a back-to-back impeller arrangement (CUP-BB5b) the pumps are available as engineered-to-order solutions, fully compliant with the latest API 610 and API 682 requirements and customer specifications. The CUP-BB5 can also be packaged with various types of drive equipment to suit customer requirements. Typical options include fixed or variable speed electric motors, combustion engines and gas or steam turbines. Packaged systems are further equipped with a range of pump healthcare monitoring equipment to enable measurement and analysis of performance data in order to aid preventative maintenance and increase availability.

For specific applications we can offer a dynamically stiff rotor design. This rotor design is based on achieving maximum sustainable hydraulic efficiency, extending mean time between overhauls and delivering reliability in operation. The resulting high critical speed margins and low static deflections reduce internal wear and increase reliability.

Customers who specify our products and systems can further benefit from total lifetime support services, ranging from design, installation and commissioning through inventory and spare parts management, to aftermarket servicing and upgrades.

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