Discover how our DANFLO surge relief systems provide critical protection against pipeline surge and pressure spikes


If you are responsible for liquid pipelines, you need to protect your plant and personnel from the risks of a surge event. Our M&J Valve brand has just published a new brochure that details the products and services we offer in this field.

“Transient surge events are a potential risk on any liquid pipeline,” explains Eduardo Zani, our Service Operations Director. “They can be triggered simply by closing a valve too quickly, causing a rapid change in pipeline pressure. The resulting pressure surge travels through the pipeline at speeds of up to 1000 m/s. It can cause severe infrastructure damage, loss of product and environmental harm, as well as posing a significant risk to personnel safety. M&J Valve has developed a comprehensive range of products and services to help customers mitigate these risks.”

M&J Valve’s range of surge relief systems are based on the DANFLO axial surge relief flow control valve, which offers a very quick response time and high flow capacity, making it ideally suited to surge control applications. These valves are engineered to track unabated surge-wave pressure transient: opening quickly, then closing without slamming shut.

“Our nitrogen-operated DANFLO surge relief valve is ideally suited to dirty service, such as crude oil and sea water pipelines. We also offer a pilot-operated alternative for clean service applications,” says Eduardo.

Alongside these surge relief valves (SRV), M&J Valve offers a compact control module, comprising a control panel, bottle rack and plenum. DANFLO SRVs and control modules can be specified as individual units or as part of a single- or multi-run skid system. For the ultimate in surge relief protection, M&J Valve also offers its patented rate-of-rise system. This combines the DANFLO SRV with a predictive pressure rate-of-rise system to allow pre-emptive action against a developing surge event.

In addition to its quality OEM surge flow valves and systems, M&J Valve offers customers total lifecycle support, including modular and highly customizable skid construction, engineering design services, installation and commissioning, and maintenance services.

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