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Reliable, Proven Backflush Filter Solutions for Offshore Use

For an offshore installation, a backflush filter is a critical part of processing systems as it means downstream systems can get the water flow they need while being protected from contaminants and debris being received from the water inlet. If there is a problem with the filter or it does not work as intended, there can be serious repercussions on production efficiency. It is for this reason that Celeros Flow Technology not only builds exceptionally high-quality backflush filters customised to the needs of the application, but also works closely with customers to ensure the right options are selected and offshore operators are properly educated in the operation of the filter.

The Celeros Plenty Backflushing Filter is designed to keep processes running without manual intervention. The filter provides a reliable, positive and efficient cleaning action using manual or automatic cleaning cycles based either on a timer or by measuring differential pressure across the filter.

The filters have a low installation cost, they can be provided standalone or in a skid mounted configuration and they do not require any separate back wash supply. The filtration element is manufactured for long service life and is available in a range of materials and sizes with mesh, perforation or wedge wire options to suit application needs. The units are designed with minimum wear parts and all internals are cleanable and reusable. Routine inspection and preventative maintenance help ensure continued reliability of rotating machine parts. For onshore and offshore use, multiple units are usually supplied to provide a duty standby configuration which allows for additional flow when required and more importantly uninterrupted production at full capacity in the event of an unexpected failure or during routine preventative maintenance schedules.

The Celeros Plenty brand is synonymous with highly reliable, robust, long-lasting products. Once installed, its solutions are designed to offer excellent performance and work reliably for many years with minimum maintenance overhead. By taking the time to understand the usage of the filter once installed, Celeros Flow Technology can help ensure the right screen and other options are selected to best protect systems and help keep production running smoothly. Provided by a global service network, comprehensive onsite services and training, help support operators in getting the most from their filters for many, many years.

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