Why Re-Rating your Pump can save you Time and Money

July 2, 2020


Re-rating your pumps is a great way for your company to save time and money. In this presentation we will be explaining what a re-rate is, when to use it, and how to begin the re-rate process. In this webinar, our Pump Upgrades & Re-Rates Program Manager Michael Golds will be explaining:

  • What are the challenges facing pump maintenance teams today?
  • Why Re-Rating can save you time and money?
  • What is a Re-Rate?
  • When is the right time to Re-Rate, and how can you get started?
  • Tools to support you.

Our team at Celeros Flow Technology want to share their extensive knowledge in this industry to help you identify how re-rates can help you.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone with a background or involvement in operations and maintenance.

This webinar has two showings:

  1. July 2nd at 09:00 AM BST
  2. July 2nd at 15:00 PM BST

To register and attend either webinar time, click here:



Michael Golds

Pump Upgrades and Re-Rates Program Manager with over 20 years experience in re-rating pumps and 30 years experience in the centrifrugal pump market.


Viewing this webinar requires Celeros approval.

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