Introduction to Desuperheating and Steam Conditioning

July 28 , 2020


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Implementing a desuperheating valve in your system is a cost efficient and space saving way to control your system. In this presentation we will be explaining:

  • What is the difference between Desuperheating and Steam Conditioning?
  • What are the different configurations of Desuperheaters and Steam Conditioning Valves?
  • What system parameters need to be considered when purchasing or installing these type products?

Our team at Celeros wants to share their extensive experience in this industry to help you identify how a desuperheating valve could offer improved control of your system.



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Ken Lazzara

Global Commercial Leader

Alex Luciani

Americas Regional Sales Manager

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Justin Pulling

Product Service Administrator


Viewing this webinar requires Celeros approval.

Introduction to Desuperheating Steam Conditioning
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