How Composite Materials can Increase the Life of your Pump and Reduce Operational Expenditure

December 17, 2020


The replacement and procurement of product lubricated wear components can positively impact your maintenance spend and operational life. In this presentation we will be explaining what show typical components, the transition from historical designs to the use of modern day materials, and how to implement during your routine maintenance cycle. Our team at Celeros wants to share their extensive knowledge in this industry to help you identify the upgrade to provide right technical solutions for you.

This webinar has two showings:

  1. December 17th at 9:00 AM GMT
  2. December 17th at 3:00 PM GMT

To register and attend either webinar time, click here:



Michael Golds

Global Pump Upgrades & Re Rates Program Manager

• 30 years' experience in the centrifugal pump Industry

• 20 years' experience in re-rating pumps

Composite Materials Webinar

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