The use of biofuels is going to be a major contributor to achieving a more sustainable future - curbing the effects of climate change by achieving significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Biofuels can take a number of different forms - including biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas, etc – and may be derived from a diverse range of sources. The feedstocks involved can be especially grown (such as terrestrial sugar- and starch-based crops, or sea-borne algae). Alternatively, they can be by-products or waste arising from industrial or other human activities. The processes employed to convert them into biofuel may be either biochemical or thermochemical in nature and include pyrolysis, depolymerisation, incineration and gasification.

For these fossil fuel replacements to be truly sustainable, it is paramount that biofuel producers can minimise the carbon intensity associated with their processes. In order to be competitive, capital and production costs must also be kept in check. Celeros Flow Technology has the flow control expertise and industry insight to help biofuel producers by optimizing equipment for the particular feedstock: improving operational efficiency and minimizing environmental impacts while also offering continued long-term operation.

Whether you are developing a new process plant specifically designed for biofuel production or converting an existing petrochemical plant to handle a more sustainable feedstock, Celeros Flow Technology can act as your flow control partner to provide the most appropriate engineering solution. Our extensive range of OEM brands will provide the optimal choice of pumps, valves and filters for your application, while our post-installation servicing and maintenance support will help them to continue to operate effectively throughout their service life. These solutions set industry benchmarks in relation to minimizing energy consumption, enabling biofuel producers to significantly lower their carbon footprint.

Our expertise in all aspects of flow control means that we are uniquely positioned to address the engineering challenges that biofuel producers currently face. Choosing Celeros FT as your trusted flow control partner brings access to state-of-the-art technology which will deliver high degrees of performance. You will also benefit from unmatched flexibility and scalability, so that biofuel processing systems can be adapted as the demands placed upon them evolve over time. Our commitment to full lifecycle support means biofuel producers can also have complete confidence in the longevity of their investment.

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