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Plenty Magmo sugar pumps are designed principally to handle high viscosity abrasive sugar products, such as Molasses, Massecuite and Magma. The ellipse and scraper principle it uses was originally devised by the sugar industry itself to overcome the problems associated with pumping these difficult liquids.

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Sugar Pump - Magmo Series
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The current design includes the best features from previous pumps and successfully deals with the problems common to pumping liquids such as massecuite.

Principle of Operation

An elliptical shaped rotor rotates in a cylindrical housing, and carries round with it chambers of fluid. A hinged sealing arm, which follows the surface of the rotor, scrapes off the liquid and directs it up to the discharge port. As the chamber returns to the suction port it is re-filled by further liquid flowing in.


Bearing and Sealing Arrangement

The bearing and sealing arrangement has been designed to deal with the wear and leakage problems associated with high viscosity abrasive duties. The bearing bushes are divided into an inner and outer portion.

The inner portion forms a general divider between the liquid in the pump and the grease in the bearing. The outer portion, which has longitudinal grooves, forms the bearing.

Greasing the bearing is a flushing operation and consists of introducing fresh grease at the outer end of the bearing and displacing contaminated grease through a drain at the inner end.

The drain valve is simply interlocked to the grease nipple to ensure that both are open during greasing. This prevents grease being forced into the main pumping chamber and contaminating the bulk fluid. This configuration of bearing ensures minimum contamination of the bearing and ensures that the packing is sealing clean grease and not abrasive fluid.

The suction branch has been designed to give the maximum possible area and is approximately twice that of similar pumps. This enables the massecuite to flow into the pump much more readily thus avoiding cavitation and starvation.

The large suction port in addition to the simply shaped and large pumping cavity, gives the magmo a good tolerance to foreign matter often found in sugar products.

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