Introducing CFT-Green

CFT-Green is a novel valve stem spring loaded seal developed by Celeros Flow Technology, consisting of a metal spring along with a sealing element. The packing is specially designed to reduce and control fugitive emissions, providing a safe and efficient sealing solution for your valve.

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MG 9208


We can rebuild many types of valves from the ground up. With a large inventory of spare parts and complete cleaning, machining and testing capabilities virtually any valve repair requirement can be met. Valves can be trimmed to effectively handle various flow contents (i.e. crude to product). Packings can be upgraded from o-ring to chevron type V-rings, and older Model D Pow-R-Seal valves can be completely rebuilt and upgraded to a superior more economical design. Installation of operators and actuators are routinely accomplished, and we can custom design, manufacture and install stem extensions for specific operating conditions.

Flow PNE MJ Conditioning

Condition monitoring

To ensure your valves are in top operating condition, we supply a comprehensive valve maintenance service programmed to your requirements. Check with your OFM Services representative for a customized analysis.

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