Installation and commissioning

Field services sets us apart from the others. While others claim it, we deliver prompt customer support. DOT OQ Qualified and experienced technicians are available 24 hours a day. For special projects, OFM Services offers special provisions and equipment. On one pipeline conversion project, as many as four crews were dispatched simultaneously to different locations for field repair of pipeline valves.

For after hours service needs, please call 800-231-3690 or email [email protected]

Flow PNE Dollinger Inspection

Inspection and maintenance

Typical services include:

  • DOT valve inspections, general condition analysis, field lubrication, removal and installation of storage wellheads, valves and general valve/actuator troubleshooting.
Flow PNE Plenty Repair

Repair, overhaul and service

Special services include:

  • Comprehensive valve repair and or replacement services during scheduled turnarounds in refineries, processing and production facilities.
  • Pipeline valve conversions (ie: from crude to product).
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