Expanding Gate Valves

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M&J Valve Expanding Gate (EG) valves can be used in wide range of critical applications, from pipelines to power plants, in ESD and other demanding isolation applications.

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Expanding Gate Valves


The M&J Valve expanding gate valve model EG valve provides a superior bi-directional mechanical seal because the two-piece gate assembly expands against the seating areas in the open or closed position. The greater the torque, the tighter the seal. The end result is an extremely heat resistant seal that is unaffected by line pressure or vibration.

  • Expanding gate forms tight positive mechanical seal
  • Double block and bleed capabilities
  • Seals at low and high line pressure
  • Seat faces are outside the flow stream in the fully open or closed position considerably extending seal life
  • Sealant injection fittings available for emergency situations
  • Bonnet to body and yoke tube to bonnet connection secured by dual seal
  • Thermal relief provided as standard with optional by-pass system for fugitive emission control

Available in line sizes 2" - 36", class 300-1500


  • Wide range of trims
  • Can be manual, electric, or hydraulic actuators
  • Stem and sealant injection extensions for buried service
  • Locking devices
  • Wide range of testing and verification procedures
  • Zero emission secondary stem seals


  • Oil, Gas, Liquid Products & Secondary Recovery
  • Mainline Block Valves
  • Tank and Station Valves
  • Block & Bleed Valves
  • Manifold Valves
  • Launcher/Receiver Trap Valves
  • Meter Bypass Valves
  • Emergency Shutdown Valves
  • Hot Tap Valves


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