Very Large Diameter Bandlock Closure

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Very Large Diameter Bandlock Closure
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The GD Engineering brand is leading the industry in very large diameter quick opening closure design.

The Bandlock™2 design has been up-scaled and engineered to enable operators to incorporate proven technology on very large diameter applications whilst experiencing the same ease of access enjoyed on smaller diameter pressure vessels.

Developed initially for the Middle East market, Celeros FT has manufactured very large diameter GD Engineering Bandlock™2

Closures that fully incorporate the benefits of a standard Bandlock™2 Closure, including:

• Full access can be achieved in less than a minute

• Full compliance with ASME VIII Div. 1 UG 35

• Integral safety devices

• Unique self-energising lip seal with integral anti-extrusion spring

• Full vacuum capability

The ability to produce these larger sizes gives the potential to realise significant project savings in engineering time and cost by reducing the number of pressure vessels and associated pipework required for any given application.

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