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High Temperature Closure
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The very high temperature quick opening closure, suitable for use on high pressure vessels, filters and scraper launchers/receivers is available in sizes from 6” to 34” for pressures up to 1480 psig at 327⁰C (620⁰F). The closure can be opened in seconds and provides a quick and safe method of opening and closing through a single point lever.

A hand-operated pressure warning screw integrated into the mechanism prevents the door being unlocked until it is confirmed that the vessel’s internal pressure has been relieved. Additional secondary safety features, such as mechanical key interlocks, can be fitted and integrated with control valve operations.

For complete safety, the locking segments can be seen at all times, which satisfies design code requirements and means that the operator can actually see that the door is securely closed and locked.

Approved Design

Standard units meet ASME VIII Div.1, ASME VIII Div. 2, PD5500 and EN13445. ASME Code Stamp with U-2A (or A-2 for ASME VIII Div. 2) partial data report can be furnished as an option. Code stamping verifies shop inspection of the closure and materials by an ASME Authorised Inspector.


Forged steel hubs with forged or plate doors can be supplied to meet all international material specifications. NACE Standard MR-01-75 / ISO 15156 materials are available. All closures are supplied with an integral weatherproofed and sealed cover enclosing the operating mechanism, preventing the ingress of dust, sand and moisture and to provide additional protection against the high temperature of the vessel contents.

Hydrostatic Testing

Normally carried out as part of the final vessel test but an individual closure hydrotest can be provided as an option.

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