SNSAFE - Strainer System

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Sea Chest mounted bio-fouling prevention system.....

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SNSAFE - Strainer System


The ClydeUnion S&N Pumps SNSAFE System offers the most comprehensive bio-fouling prevention solutions package on the market. Strategic implementation of our system increases the service life of pumps, and maintains flow efficiency throughout a rig/vessel.

  • Delivers an impressed DC current from a power converting control panel to strategically placed copper anodes in the seawater system
  • The passage of the DC current through the copper anode releases copper ions into the seawater flow at a predetermined rate
  • The copper ions deter the entry and growth of fouling organisms

Operating Methods

  • Ideal for seawater pump systems that draw suction through sea chest strainers
  • Custom designed anode lid fits a rigs current strainer system
  • Fully adjustable output and easy access anode replacement


  • Eliminates bio-fouling macro-organisms
  • Low initial cost
  • Replaceable anodes
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Pre-calculated anode life
  • Environmentally safe
  • Low operating cost
  • Minimal space requirement


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