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HSP is an advanced pump designed to provide reliability in downhole pumping applications......

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The ClydeUnion Pumps HSP is an advanced pump designed to provide reliability in downhole pumping applications. It features a hydraulic turbine submersible pump, which is particularly suited for use in wells, where other artificial lift technologies are unsuitable due to high liquid viscosity or high G.O.R. at pump suction

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Capacityup to:2,600 USgpm590 m3/hr 85,000 bpd
Deliveryup to:14,000 ft4,200 m
Temperatureup to:480°F250°C
Speedsup to:10,000 rpm
Flange drilling:Special


Key Applications:

  • Oil well production (both offshore and onshore)
  • Multiphase downhole and subsea boosting
  • Aquifer lift
  • Combined production and injection duties in a single well bore
    Pressurised flooding from aquifer to injection zone


Maximum Reliability - MTTF > 11 years - electric free turbine drive; around 4 times industry average for equivalent ESPs
Unrivalled operating range (particularly at high GVF) 0% to 125% BEQ with running speeds to 8000rpm. Greatly reduced potential for intervention due to changes in well conditions and/or pump performance
Minimal Installation Time compact, integrated plug + play design simplifies logistics. Shop tested as a unit, with only simple connections made at rig site
True multi-phase capability unrivalled ability to continually pump gassy fluids with no risk to pump
Greatly reduced OPEX 50% reduction in time over the hole. A 4 x OPEX saving

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