CUP-VCM - Vertical, single stage, inline, radially split

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VCM (UNICHEM) is an advanced single stage vertical in-line centrifugal pump with.....

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CUP-VCM - Vertical, single stage, inline, radially split
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The ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-VCM (UNICHEM) is an advanced single stage, vertical in-line centrifugal pump with exceptional flexibility and versatility to meet the requirements of a wide variety of pumping applications.

The unit is ruggedly designed for minimum maintenance and to meet the heavy-duty requirements of continuous duty operation of general industry. The CUP-VCM pump is designed and manufactured to ASME/ANSI type B73.2 standards.

Technical data on the CUP-VCM
Capacityup to:1,800 USgpm410 m3/hr
Deliveryup to:500 ft150 m
Temperatureup to:500°F260°C
Speedsup to:3,600 rpm
Flange drilling:ANSI or BS


  • Chemical transfer
  • Food and drink
  • Heavy and light industries
  • General industrial utility
  • Booster
  • Utility duties for process industries
  • Water distribution / supply / treatment

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