Dollinger GP-198 coalescing filters from Celeros Flow Technology offer almost 100% efficiency in removal of contaminants from gas streams


Remove liquid and solid contaminants from your gas stream with the Dollinger GP-198 coalescing filter from Celeros Flow Technology. The Dollinger GP-198 is engineered for the efficient removal of entrained oil, water mist, hydrocarbon condensates and other liquids /solid particles from compressed air, natural gas and other streams.

Used within its rated design conditions, the GP-198 filter can achieve an efficiency of 99.97% on 0.3 micron aerosols. Applications that would benefit from its deployment include the removal of water and oil mist from compressed air systems, the recovery of oil downstream of rotating machinery, final stage protection of high performance equipment including gas turbines or Upstream/Midstream gas refinery applications. The Dollinger GP-198 is also suited for use as a pre-filter/separator – for absorptive air applications, or as part of a gas dehydration system.

The Dollinger GP-198 coalescing filter incorporates a unique, highly efficient filter element. The standard coalescing element consists of multiple layers of borosilicate glass media and a solids pre-filtering layer, supported by screens both upstream and down. The pleated design provides a much larger surface area than conventional coalescing elements, which results in low pressure drop, high efficiency, and extended service life.

Robust and reliable, the GP-198 coalescing filter can be specified with housings in a wide range of materials including, carbon steel, stainless steel & a variety of special alloys. Special service requirements for low temperature applications, sour & SSC conditions and ammonia applications can also be accommodated. Housings are designed for top service installation with a pre-filtering sump area & multi-cartridge tubesheet mounted arrangements allowing for ease of access & maintenance. The filter housings are constructed in accordance with a wide range of international pressure vessel design codes including, but not limited to, ASME VIII Division I & IIPD5500, 2014/68/EU (PED), AS1210, SELO, GB-150-, AD2000, and GOST-R).

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