September 2023

Celeros FT focuses on delivering the Energy Transition safely and sustainably at ADIPEC 2023

August 2023

Reduce emissions, protect the environment and improve safety in your pipelines

February 2023

Discover how our DANFLO surge relief systems provide critical protection against pipeline surge and pressure spikes

March 2022

Reduce TCO, improve safety and minimize environmental impacts with our improved M-303 slab gate valve

January 2022

Overwhelming response from customers as Celeros Flow Technology hits the exhibition trail

September 2021

Celeros Flow Technology offers pipelines constant protection from surge events

January 2021

Playing our part during the pandemic

February 2020

M&J Valve Surge Relief System Provides Constant Protection from Pressure Surges

February 2020

Versatile Expanding Gate Valve

February 2020

Achieving Operational Excellence

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