September 2021

Dollinger GP-198 coalescing filters from Celeros Flow Technology offer almost 100% efficiency in removal of contaminants from gas streams

May 2021

High-Capacity filtration solutions from Celeros Flow Technology deliver high contaminant retention efficiency to reduce downtime

February 2021

Copes Vulcan DSCV-SA steam conditioning valve from Celeros Flow Technology provides reliable control in high pressure situations

February 2021

Next generation Dollinger air intake filtration system reduces system pressure loss and lowers lifetime costs

July 2020

On-site Filtration Testing

February 2020

Announcement of Key Appointment to Support Filtration Aftermarket Services

February 2020

Leading Filtration Solutions Designed to Maximize Process Uptime

February 2020

Reliable, Long Service Strainers and Filters

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