10-year LTA signed with EDF for nuclear power pump maintenance


Our ClydeUnion Pumps brand has secured a major Long-Term Agreement (LTA) with EDF to provide dedicated pump maintenance and spares services across their network of nuclear power stations in France. The contract cements the strategic lifecycle partnership between the two companies for a further 10 years.

The new LTA was formalised at a signing ceremony attended by senior representatives from both companies. Under the agreement, ClydeUnion Pumps will conduct repairs and maintenance on-site (including in contaminated areas) or at their dedicated nuclear-certified Service Centre in Annecy, as well as supplying spare parts for safety-related units. They will also run a dedicated customer hotline and provide technical assistance to EDF’s Technical Operational Unit (UTO) and operational teams.

There are more than 850 safety-related pumps installed across EDF’s portfolio of 19 nuclear power plants and 56 nuclear reactors: 44% of which have been manufactured by ClydeUnion Pumps. Typically, these pumps are safety-critical devices used in the cooling of nuclear reactors.

Christophe Bourgeois, Regional Sales Director, Nuclear Aftermarket at ClydeUnion Pumps, commented: “We are proud to be a trusted lifecycle partner to EDF and look forward to working closely with their teams and supporting their business plan for the next decade. Nuclear energy is an essential source of supply as the world transitions towards a sustainable future. This new agreement means that our specialist OEM pumps and engineering services can continue to play an essential role in keeping the French energy supply safe and efficient.”

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