The adoption of more renewable energy sources is essential if our society is to attain its environmental and sustainability goals. By making use of readily available organic materials - from agriculture, food waste and other sources - ongoing dependency on depleting oil and gas reserves can be avoided and we can dramatically reduce the levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.

Demand for greener energy is gathering momentum. For example, the global biofuels market is expected to more than double in size over the course of this decade - reaching $307 billion by 2030 (according to Precedence Research). By that time, the EU wants biofuels to meet 3.5% of its overall transportation demands, with the International Environment Agency looking to ramp that figure up to 27% by 2050. Meeting such ambitious targets is a real engineering challenge, which requires a unique combination of skill, experience and speed of delivery.

Celeros Flow Technology will have a major role to play in supporting the biofuels sector as it continues to mature. With an engineering pedigree that can be traced back more than 100 years, we have the application knowledge and technical expertise to deliver fully customised flow control solutions that respond to the diverse process challenges of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable resources such as biofuels and biomass.

We offer an extensive range of solutions to ensure that renewable energy is produced in the most efficient and sustainable way. Our pump and valve technology keeps greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum, as well as significantly lowering the electricity consumption involved in production. Our portfolio also includes filtration solutions that remove contaminants to protect equipment downstream and optimize product quality. Our comprehensive aftermarket support ensures that renewable energy operations continue to function efficiently throughout their design life, with the ability to augment operational parameters or modify processes to accommodate new feedstocks as they emerge.

Whether you are converting your existing plant or developing a new renewable energy site, Celeros FT can add value at every stage of the lifecycle to improve overall efficiency and lower carbon intensity.



The use of biofuels is going to be a major contributor to achieving a more sustainable future - curbing the effects of climate change by achieving significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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