NG - 128- V

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Single & Two Stage Filters

Dollinger Two Stage Filter Silencer

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NG - 128- V


NG - 128- V

The NG-128-V housing has been optimized through Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD] to reduce the restriction to flow resulting in minimal pressure drop and reduced operating costs.

Engineered for optimal performance, the NG-128-V incorporates a novel “Transition Zone” that reduces turbulent flow between the Primary & Final stage filter panels to ensure the lowest possible pressure drop over the full operating range of your compressor.

To facilitate panel element change out, the NG-128-V incorporates a “Passive Clamp”
system with a unique single-latch design to allow for faster and safer replacement of the
Primary and Final State panels, compared to the typical 6-latch design found on most
filter housings.

Housing Design & Construction

The rigid, all weather carbon steel housing of the NG-128 provides strength and corrosion resistant protection on outdoor installations. All interior and exterior surfaces are finished with a polyester powder coat of Traffic Blue for long life and durability. Weatherhoods are provided as standard equipment.

All metal joints of the NG-128 are welded and sealed as required to prevent dust from entering the unit. The standard safety screen over the filter outlet prevents small foreign objects from entering the exposed air intake passage when servicing or replacing panel elements. A ¼" pressure tap attachment is standard on each housing for regular monitoring of system pressure drop.

The filter housing may also be modified or customized to meet special application needs.

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