CP System

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Pump Auxiliary Equipment

The CP System can be supplied for new pumps or retrofitted to any existing ClydeUnion Pumps.....

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CP System


CP System

The CP System is very similar to an API standard seal flush plan 53C, although it was originally designed and supplied in 1990 - many years before API plan 53C seal flush plan was first published. Over 300 CP Systems have been supplied since production started. The purpose of a CP System, and its associated pipework, is to provide a supply of cooled barrier fluid to a dual pressurised or double mechanical seal. The barrier fluid is usually, but not always, a light hydraulic mineral oil.


  • Designed per ASME Section VIII, Division 1.
  • Meets requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC Available with either ANSI 600 lb or 900 lb.
  • Flange pressure ratings offers a proven history in improving seal life, particularly under varying suction pressures.
  • Provides an excellent mechanical sealing environment in the most demanding process conditions.

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