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Drawing on a longstanding engineering heritage and an extensive global presence, we strive to be your preferred full-life cycle optimization partner and advisor.

Our organization will excel at serving our global installed base of mission-critical flow control equipment, enhancing the value of our customers' assets, while strengthening our relationships with our customers, employees and communities.


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"Celeros Flow Technology has been established with the objective of radically altering the critical flow technology landscape. Our aim is not only to provide a trusted and highly responsive source of the latest engineering innovations to our chosen markets, but also to serve as a full-lifecycle optimization partner. By backing up our hardware with a wide array of different aftermarket services, the ongoing effectiveness of customers' systems is assured and their return on investment maximized."

José Larios, CEO of Celeros.


Thanks to our widely-acknowledged engineering prowess and unsurpassed industry experience, Celeros plays a vital role in the following market segments.

Oil & Gas

Supporting upstream, midstream and downstream operations, we help raise productivity levels and maximize uptime.


Our technology is pivotal to conventional, nuclear and renewable energy generation.


Addressing municipal and industrial requirements, our flow control technology is applicable for potable and water.

Chemical Processing

Our leading-edge solutions cover all aspects of refinery/post-refinery petrochemical treatment, including filtration and purification.


In addition to naval vessels/submarines, our technology is incorporated into commercial shipping and leisure craft.



Jul 14 - 15

Improved Protection For your Gas Network: Compliant, Economical, and Safe Solutions

Location: GoToWebinar

Brands: Plenty Filtration

Description: In this presentation we will be discussing how filtration can perform essential protection for your gas process.

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Nov 9 - 12



Brands: GD Engineering, Plenty Filtration, Plenty Pumps

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